International conferences in India 2022, the best places to find it online

International conferences in India 2022, the best places to find it online

India is definitely unarguably one of the best places for scientific research and conferences. The country gives birth to a multitude of ideas and innovative outlooks. Those ideas, discussions, experiences, and expertise have the power to change the fortune of the whole world. The researches that take place in the labs, universities, research centers have the power to create changes. To bring those ideas on board conferences take place every year.

Hence, the year 2022 is not out of this potential. Thus, this year too many conferences are going to take place, both physically and virtually. India has always been an inviter to the international scopes. Hence a bunch of international conferences will get the opportunity of presenting this year. However, it can be a problem for one to attend, if he/she is not aware of the process to find those online. It is often problematic to know about a useful conference from others or through advertisements. Hence, knowing how to find conferences online makes the job easier. Moreover, it makes the process of applications easier. Here are the best online places you can check out.

It is one of the most trusted and largest platforms that share details about conferences. Owing to the fact that it is a big platform, it brings in front of your myriad international conferences. It shares details about the upcoming conferences that the reputed organizers organize. Therefore, there is 100% surety to get accurate information about those programs. Besides, this platform conveniently shows you international conferences available in the cities you want. Using this platform you can also find out upcoming international conferences in association with WoS, journals listed in UGC Care, and Scopus.  The platform offers your option to filter your searches to make them specific. Moreover, on this site, you can find popular search terms which make your job easier. Besides, there are options to go through international and national conference-related blogs. 


Another notable place to find out about your conferences is the Computerworld. This site offers you a bundle of information about the upcoming tech-based international conferences in India. Consequently, it presents in front of you a list of conferences where the IT executives from the global range want to invest. The site gives you quick and brief data about the upcoming tech conferences in India. Besides, these data come with actionable links to the websites of those conferences. Hence, you can quickly visit those websites to gather more data about the venue, date-time, booking procedure, etc.


2022 is going to be a notable year for the science, invention, research, and experiments in India. International opportunities have started blooming from the very beginning of the year. Hence, conveniently introduces you to a bunch of international conferences. The site operates with an aim to connect the researchers to execute a bigger purpose. The platform presents a search bar where you can search using the city or course name. Moreover, the platform beautifully presents all the upcoming feature events.  You can get all the details about the international conferences which you can follow or join.

Scopus indexed conference 2022:

Scopus is one of the biggest organizations that are highly prestigious for the indexing of journals. In 2021 the platform has started an online portal and organized conferences on the virtual medium due to pandemics.  However, the pandemic is under control to some extent this year. Hence, there are chances for this organization to conduct physical conferences. The organization goes on to index plenty of international conferences that happen in India. To attend conferences the aspirants need to choose one as per their research subject. One can find out the listed conferences on Also, one can visit the site of this organization itself to find out indexed conferences.

Free online international conference 2022 with certificate:

There are usually plenty of online conferences which are happening in India. However, it is of no use if you do not get the benefit of attending the conference. Hence to become a part of a genuine conference you need to look for reputed organizers. Thus, you need to find verified online platforms to find international conferences. As you search for the upcoming online conferences in 2022 you will find out many leads. Pick one website and search for the conference or webinars you want to attend.  Therefore go along with one that seems good to your purpose.  Make sure the conference offers certification. A certification adds better valuation to your portfolio while publishing research.

How to attend International conferences in India in 2022:

There is no doubt about the fact that India is the cult place for research-based international conferences. International conferences in India have the power to bring success to many lives. Therefore, all you need to do is find the right conference for yourself. In order to find one, you can check out  The site is quite easy to navigate. All you need to do is open the site and scroll through the upcoming international conferences. It showcases all the domains or topics for conferences with details about the venue. You can also click on the given links to the conferences. The links will redirect you to the actual site from where you can know more about the attending procedure.

Free online conference 2022:

Free conferences are best to attend as it lets you add a prestigious touch to your portfolio. To find out the best free conferences in 2022 you need to find out the right platform. You can reach out to It presents plenty of free conferences which are about to happen in the future. You can find out about all the upcoming webinars in India. You can also get a subscription plan for receiving email alerts.


When it comes to finding an upcoming international conference in India, the job is not complex. There are plenty of sites available which you can browse to get detailed information. Hence, all you need to do is, search with the related terms of your topic or expertise area. Finally, you will get to reach out to the conference that you want to attend.